Welcome to My Reef Blog – setting up my tank 

Hi all! And welcome to my reef blog. We have had our saltwater aquarium for 38 days and so far it’s been an adventure and huge learning experience. One of the first thing I learned was that no two tanks are the same. So if something worked for one tank, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for yours. So be careful what you read and never go by one person’s experience.  some people may tell you to water change weekly while some may say once a month is sufficient. It’s lots of trial and error until you find the right balance for your tank.  

We have a 20 gallon tank with a rear attached sump. The day we bought it we purchased live sand, some live rock and the necessary equipment and test kits needed. We started out by placing the sand and then the piece of live rock. We mixed 20 gallons of tap water with tap water conditioner and the required amount of salt for the tank. After mixing the water well until the salt is dissolved, we test the water for salinity before adding it to the tank.  Once the water was added we tested the pH, nitrites,nitrates and ammonia.  

On day 2, we went out and bought more live rock to finish our aqua scape and 5 snails and a cleaner shrimp we named Jacques off finding Nemo 🙂 a good friend and fellow reefer gave us a frag of one of his zoa’s. Not sure the name as there seems to be hundreds of different types but I just love the way it looks under a blue light. 

So the first week all we did was watch Jacques do somersaults around the tank and watched our tank start cycling. Every night before bed we added a shot of coraline to the water to promote good algae growth and water tested every second day.

My next post will be about week 2 with our tank.  


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