Reef Blog Update

Well my plan to frequently update failed lol.  We now have had our tanks running for just over 7 months now.  (We now have a 100gal as well as the 20) 

 We have learned lots in this hobby.  Lost fish and corals but that’s just part of being in saltwater.  The most important lesson we learned is patience.  


Here is a list of what is currently in our 20gal:

Fish- 2 black ice clown fish, yellow clown goby, tailspot blenny, orange spotted goby (Not exactly sure the type, picture below) an emerald crab and a few snails and hermits.  I used to have a tiger pistol shrimp but he has been MIA for the past month or so, so I’m pretty confident he is dead under a rock somewhere.  Now my goby hangs out in the cave you see in the picture below.

For coral I currently have:

Kenya tree, several mushrooms and ricordeas, pulsing xina, hammer coral, blue sympodium, green monitpora, Pineapple express zoa, blue steal zoa, pink caddilac zoa, GSP, some cool morph zoas, orange zoas (can’t remember name) papaya clove polyp, green cabbage leather (currently in 100g, wasnt doing to good so i put it in chris’ tank to heal up) and I’m sure I’m forgetting something  



  • Weekly water changes (gravel vac)
  • Change out filter floss every 2-3 days
  • Change out filter media weekly
  • Water tests – not often enough… I hate doing them 😂
  • Glass gets scraped as needed
  • Empty and clean skimmer daily 
  • I’m sure I’m missing 100 other things lol

    Well there’s the low down on my 20g    later this week I’ll post about our 100g.

    Bye for now!

    Happy reefing!!


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